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Website Features:
  • Small Minecraft Server DDoS (Only works for small weak servers)
  • Premium Minecraft Alt Generator (Web Version)
  • Exclusive Forum Sections
  • No Ads Downloads
  • Bulk Downloads (Download as many resources at the same time, even all of them)
  • Private Duping Methods

Our Exclusive Minecraft Client Features:
  • Supports both Real & Cracked Minecraft
  • Auto Farm AI for all Servers (Even Hypixel)
  • Server Spammer (Supports multiple accounts)
  • Premium Minecraft Alt Generator inside the client
  • Server Raid Tool
  • Baritone Auto Miner with Anti X-Ray Bypass
  • Alt Manager (Connect Unlimited Accounts)
  • Force OP (Doesn't work on most Servers)
  • Bruteforce Password on Cracked Servers
  • Crack World Seed (Servers with Vanilla generation)
  • Steal Resource Pack of any Server
  • Steal World Spawn/Build of any Server (Scans world in the server and recreates it in a world file)
  • Over 100+ Undetected Hacks
  • Built in Duping Methods
  • Daily Updates & Fixes

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