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What is PingUtils?
PingUtils allows you to set random servericons, random MOTDs or a fake playerlimit for your Server. For example: You could set the fake limit to -20 and add 50 server-icons and 20 Messages of the day. Everytime a player refreshes its serverlist an other icon/motd will show up.

What are the features?
Random MOTDs
Colored MOTDs
Random Server-Icons
Fake playerlimit
Fake playeronline
Completely configurable with commands and without server reload/restart

Commands, Permissions & Descriptions

What does "Index" mean?
The "Index" is needed on the remove commands for motds or icons. The index is the index in the list of the motds or icons. You can see the index with the list command. For example /pingutils listicons would show up all active Icons (their index and the path to the image file).

Where does the "Path to icon" start?
The path to the icon starts in your servers root directory (the directory where your craftbukkit.jar is located). For Example /pingutils addicon plugins/server-icon.png would add an icon that is located in your plugins directory.

What for is the maximum/minimum value?
The plugin changes the Value every x seconds (can be defined in the configuration file) by default its 300 Seconds (5 Minutes). By default the plugin changes the fake online value to a new random value between the minimum and the maximum (min/max included).

I don't want that the value changes
If you don't want the value to change you can set the minimum and maximum to the same value. For example: minimum: 50, maximum: 50 and the player count would always be the online players + 50

Metrics sends information about this Plugin and your Server to If you dont want it to do that, you can disable it in the configuration file. (Don't forget to reload the config with /pingutils reload).

I'm having problems with/suggestions for the plugin.
Please post them in the Discussion section of this Plugin

Where can i keep myself up to date about bugs, new versions, etc.?
Here on Bukkit-Dev
On Twitter @DaFloppy
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